As DIGital IMMIgrants ourselves, when we got on board the digital bandwagon and experienced first-hand how it shortens the distance between countries, culture, and people, we knew we had to do something digitally worthwhile.

Our fascination with latter-day trade practices of the Silk Road that connected makers, merchants and buyers from all over the world got us thinking about the modern day equivalent of the Silk Route. The answer was right there on our screen — E-commerce.

Just as the extraordinary network of the Silk Road connected the worlds of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, its contemporary equivalent ECommerce is no different. With the evolution of digital commerce, connectivity and networking has gone global. Our friends, family, and customers are just a tap of a keyboard away. This contemporary evolution has got us hooked into creating Digimmi.

When the idea first hit the heart, the thing that came to mind was fitness and technology. What followed was curating, sourcing, experimenting, and finally landing on a YOU-centric range of smart devices that are not just products but worthy companions.

We believe that your best friends are those who keep you motivated, enrich your time and help you go the extra mile with ease. Our Fitness Trackers, Escooters, Notebooks and Tablets are built for it.

Why Choose Us?

Digimmi’s ultimate idea is simple — transit health and efficiency into people’s daily life with contemporary tech, thoughtful design, and a friendly interface. To make DIGital IMMIgration mainstream we have invested ourselves into teaming quality and affordability together. Global at heart, we are proud to say that Digimmi is for us all — it’s not just a smart something, but a movement in itself. Together with you, we are on our way to make health and technology a more conscious part of daily life.